Jul 03 2013

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Hiltons Bridge Re-Opens to Public

bridge that spans the North Fork of the Holston in Hiltons (Rt. 58)

A brand new bridge that spans the North Fork of the Holston River near Hiltons wasn’t celebrated exactly like the original bridge (below) in 1933 when folks turned out in droves to enjoy the official opening of the “Green Bridge”.

A bridge that spans the North Fork of the Holston River in the Hiltons on Route 58 has been replaced and is now open to vehicles.

And even though the project wasn’t expected to be completed until later this month, officials with the Virginia Department of Transportation are happy to report it finished ahead of schedule.

“The bridge was scheduled to reopen in late July, but VDOT and the contractor were able to get the bridge open a month early,” explained Michelle Earl, communications director for VDOT’s Bristol District Office.

The bridge, which was known locally as the “Green Bridge,” was originally opened to traffic with much fanfare in November 1933 as it connected Hiltons to Bristol.

Green Bridge, 1933

Green Bridge, 1933

“The project to replace the Route 58 bridge began in April 2012, with the initial work focused on replacing the Route 689 bridge over Hilton Creek so it could be used as the detour once the Route 58 bridge was closed in fall 2012,” Earl added.

The cost of the project was approximately $2.9 million with 80 percent of the funds coming from federal sources. The remaining 20 percent was from state funds.

Estes Brothers Construction, Inc. of Jonesville was the contractor for the bridge replacement project.

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