Feb 19 2014

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MECC to Host 2014 Governor’s School

Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to participate in the 2014 Mountain Empire Community College Governor’s School to be held June 9 through June 27 on the college campus.

The three-week program features a variety of hands-on activities in one of several subject areas selected by the student. Students spend time in the field, in labs, on tours, and in the classroom with the faculty of Mountain Empire Community College. Students who complete the session will receive eight college credit hours, tuition-free. In addition to classroom activities, students will participate in field trips to area colleges.

Eight academic strands will be offered this summer, including:

Art Illustration And Animation – Students will explore both traditional and computer-assisted illustration and graphic design. Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and other computer-assisted design programs will be used. Students will also learn basic principles of 2D and 3D animation with Adobe Aftereffects CS4 and others and create a final animation project for their own portfolio.

Chinese Zodiac Social Networking – Students will learn web page design using HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheets while creating a Chinese Zodiac web site. Connect to a database to access the different signs in the Chinese Zodiac and manage the site. Show off your progress to your friends and family when the web site goes live being hosted by Go Daddy. Students will also take several trips to regional colleges and to worldwide destinations.

Drama Theory And Performance – Students will learn the basic components of play production, including lights, sound, writing a play, set design, character study, and theatre history. During the session, students will actually produce a full length play. This play will be performed during the Governor’s School closing ceremonies.

Engineering Design – Focuses on training students in the contemporary techniques of Design Engineering. Students will be introduced to 3D modeling, rendering, animation and rapid prototyping and their roles in the process and will create computer generated 3D solid models for architectural, mechanical, and civil product design. Computer animation will be used to produce walk-throughs and fly-overs for presenting innovative designs. Classes will include guest speakers and students will take several field trips to local engineering businesses.

Entrepreneurship And  Regional Tourism – Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of creating and owning a small business, conducting research, and compiling a business plan for their product or service, producing a business related web page, design print and digital advertisements, promotional business flyers, and business cards using Microsoft® Office Suite 2013 software, digital camera and various computer hardware. Guest speakers will include local historians, artisans, small business owners, etc. Explore tourism concepts and the effects tourism has on our local markets. Students will take field trips to local entrepreneurial businesses and local tourism attractions.

Forensics For The Biology Lab – Students will learn basic concepts of forensic techniques, to include items such as evidence collection, blood stains, toxicology, firearms evidence, and human anatomy. The Amanda Knox case will be reviewed. Students will also learn the basic techniques of lab chemical analysis by participating in experiments such as blood drop analysis, crime scene evaluations, finger print patterns, bullet trajectory, and reconstructing a skeleton.

Mobile Applications Development – During this course, students will have the opportunity to use their ingenuity and creativity to design Mobile Applications for Android (smartphones / tablets) and Apple (iPhone / iPad) mobile devices.

Old Time String Band And The Traditional Music And Musicians Of Central Appalachia – This introductory course examines the traditional music and musicians, historical and contemporary, of the central Appalachian region.  Influences of the music of various cultures, both within and outside the region, and their musical styles will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on the history and performance of traditional old time string band music of the central Appalachian region with topics on musicians, instrumentation, regional influences, and tunes.  Students will be introduced to old time music performance on the guitar, banjo, and fiddle as an early form of the old time string band.

Applications to attend the 2014 Governor’s School will be accepted until April 30. Please visit the Mountain Empire Community College Governor’s School website at www.mecc.edu/govschool or call Governor’s Schoolat (276) 523-2400 ext. 307.

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